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Screen Printing:

Screen Printing is a traditional ink-based print, which uses a photosensitive process to create the image of your artwork on a mesh screen and applied to the t-shirt with pressure.


Embroidery offers incredible details, vibrant colors and durability. It also costs less than you think. If you’re looking for a versatile application for t-shirts, caps and bags, this might be for you.


We have in house equipment to monogram the products. Give us a call today to get personalized products with initials, names, teams, or company logos.

Fulfilment service:

We can serve as your fulfilment centre for your end clients. You will maintain and keep your direct relationship with your customers when we take the burden off from your shoulder for fulfilling those orders. You can run a home-based business with less overhead costs. We invest in machineries, warehouse, inventory, employees, and other necessary costs.