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Bagzazz – FAQ

1.       Why do I need to be approved in to see distributor pricing? is a wholesale ecommerce website. Only certified wholesalers through various organizations like Sage or ASI can receive wholesale pricing.  Only after the approval process is complete will the purchaser see distributor pricing. These additional steps are required to protect the distributors.


2.       How long does the approval process take?

You will know if you have been approved within 24 business hours. If further information is needed, we may reach out to verify.


3.       If I do not belong to any of the listed organizations but do a have a wholesale certificate can I still get distributor pricing?

Yes. Just list your certificate number and once we verify your information you will be eligible to see distributor pricing. If you have any questions or concerns regarding registration, please feel free to contact us at 281-606-1244.


4.       If I create an account and sign in will I automatically see distributor pricing?

No. You must list the wholesale organization number to which you belong to or identify your distributor number. Once a form is submitted with the distributor #, a representative at will verify the information and approve or decline the application within 24 business hours.


5.       Can I purchase on after business hours?

Customers/merchants can purchase at any time, any day at  All request for quotes, questions, and/or concerns will be responded to within 24 business hours.


6.       How can I request a quote?

Simply click on the item you are interested in and click “Request a quote”. You can request multiple quotes for multiple products. You can see your previous quotes under “Quotation History”, under the “My Account” tab, located at the top of the page.


7.       Can I edit my quote after I submit?

No. You cannot edit quotes after you submit them. You can call 281-606-1244 or email to have a representative from Bagzazz change your quote for you, or you can submit another quote.


8.       How can I get a stock count on an item I am interested in?

For the most up-to-date information on stock call 281-606-1244 or email A representative will get back within 24 business hours.



9.   What do I need to have embroidery done on my purchase?

You are going to need a DST file (The logo you want to digitize). Once we digitize the file, we will know how many stitches need to be done and how to proceed with the order.


10.   What if I do not have a DST file for embroidery?

Bagzazz can provide your set up at an extra cost.


11.   What do I need for Imprint?

You need to know how many colors you are going to use for your graphic (screen charge per color) and you need a vector file.


12.   What if I do not have a vector file?

Bagzazz can provide one for you at an extra cost.


13.   What do I need for Digital Print?

You need a vector file, and you must pay the setup fee.


14.   What shipping service does Bagzazz use?

We ship through UPS Ground and USPS.


15.   How will I know what my shipping cost and delivery time is?

Upon sending your quote, a representative at will calculate the shipping for you based on time and location. You will receive this shipping information via email on the final quote we send back, after we have reviewed your initial quote.


16.   Can I use my own shipping service?

Yes. If you have an account with UPS or Fed Ex and you would like it shipped on your account, we can do that. Or, if you have your own delivery service we can oblige.


17.   Will I receive tracking for my order?

Yes. Once you have finished checking out and the order is shipped, you will receive an email with tracking #(s) to your purchase(s). You can go to and enter tracking # to get all the latest updates on shipping.